Nonlinear dynamics

An example from [Gobat et al. 2021]

1:2 Internal Resonance in a MEMS gyroscope. Numerical simulation with a Reduced Order Model and validation with experimental data

Schematic view of a MEMS gyroscope test-structure. (b) Roll ( = 22522 Hz) and (c) spurious roll (  = 43386 Hz) modes. The contour plot of the displacement field is shown in color

Frequency response of the MEMS gyroscope test-structure for a VAC = 3.16mV and a VDC =4.28 V in terms of (a) amplitude and (c) phase. Close-up views of the quasi-periodic region in the frequency response in terms of amplitude and phase are shown in (b)-(d). Numerical predictions are plotted with continuous blue lines, and experimental data with orange dashed lines. Stars mark theoretical Neimark-Sacker (dark blue) and Saddle-Node (red) bifurcations that delimit the quasi-periodic regime region and the unstable paths of the frequency response, respectively

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